Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Patient education video.

Patient education video.
Patient education video is a 3D video which is done for the first time at Itech.
The purpose of doing this video is to educate people how to react if anyone gets health problem and there is nobody for rescue, such as heart attack or if anyone is drowning. Video advertising is powerful and can also be understood by layperson.
These video are done for hospitals, clinics and health care centers which are displayed in their lobby, Corridor or waiting room. Till now people are educated using PPT's but now this process is revolutionized the system of educating people.
Currently there are 5 to 6 scenarios which will be showcased in leading hospitals and making people aware in situation where they are alone and to avoid further problem and react accordingly for their safety. And for further information, the video also describes which treatment or regime the patient should undergo.

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