Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Microsoft developing new way to login on tablets

Microsoft developing new way to login on tablets
Software giant, Microsoft is planning to develop a new way to log in to its tablet computers instead of tradition way of typing software.
he company is working on a mechanism in which it will allow users to log in using gestures on the screen. A user will be able to choose a photo and perform certain gestures in the right order of taps, lines, and circles in order to log in.
Some are raising questions on the safety of the system but as many users reply on simple predictable passwords, the gesture based system could prove to be more secure than passwords. The company admits that smudges on the screen or recording devices could allow others to determine the gestures but said that the risks are very low.
Analysts say that the system is not secure enough as the gestures on a screen of a tablet can be recorded from a distance by anyone. Company officials have said on the Building Windows 8 blog that there are some ways to break the security under the system but the presence of a vast number of password combinations could make the system more secure than the password system used in most devices.
The company has released a video showing Microsoft program manager Zach Pace logging in to a tablet with a family photo by various gestures on the picture. The demonstration also shows an option to switch to regular password login.

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