Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Face Recognition

Face Recognition
Face recognition technology is indeed the most appreciable application of biometrics, as it offers significant improvement over existing security products.
Features of Face Recognition Products
  • Face recognition products captures the key-metrics of a face, including jaw length, nose length and others, rather than capturing the exact face mage.
  • These products are blessed with short processing time to deliver faster results.
  • Products based upon face recognition technology offer high detection rate.
  • By working secretly, these devices don’t essentially require a person to be informed about his or her face identity being concealed.
  • High graphics and video support are other dependable features of these devices.
  • Feature extraction of different faces is done on the basis of traits, which don’t change with time, for example, the distance between two eyes.
  • Image sensors and huge database space to store multiple face templates are other worthy features of devices utilizing biometric face recognition.
  • These products warn against the presence of criminals in the premises by issuing an alarm or audible warnings.
Applications of Face Recognition Products
  • Security agencies make use of face recognition products to catch suspects on the basis of their facial identity.
  • Law enforcement bodies also use these products to catch criminals on run.
  • Airline industry is another field, where these products are installed to avoid hijacking and other criminal activities.
  • Banks and government offices also use face recognition technology to restrict undesirable happenings.
Advantages of Face Recognition Products
  • Face recognition products offer low-cost high-profile security and that too, without hindering the normal working of an organization.
  • These products are of great use in congested areas, where it becomes difficult to keep an eye on every individual.
  • Easy to integrate with present security system, these products can perform well in internal as well as external environments.
  • Can also be used for visitor tracking to help in investigation at the site of crime.
Biometric face recognition has helped to put a full stop on the rumours surrounding efficacy of biometric products. The products used in this direction have already impressed small organizations as well as high-level intelligence agencies to grab most desirable security level.

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