Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Itech Solution has bagged the opportunity to develop a software for Transcription Management.
The client was already using a software which was developed using Visual Basics. It had many limitations like problems during uploading the audio files to the server, proxy issues, operating system compatibility and performance issues. Also, since the software was LAN-based, the admin had to manually check if any voice files are uploaded and lot of co-ordination was required.
Itech Solutions has come up with a solution for all these processes by proposing a Web Based software through which most of these tasks which are now done manually, can be completed by the software itself.
Access to the Transcription Management Software will be through a Login and Password on the Home page itself. Additional features like Role based access, Streaming audio and Online Java Web Editor would make File editing and formatting to be done within the software. It would calculate Line Count and other checks within the software. Since the Audio files and Transcribed documents are hosted within the Dedicated server, high security of these would be possible. Automatically sending the correct Transcribed document to the correct Doctor without manual intervention is possible. Alerts and Online chat would improve the communication between different users. The Application will include a ‘Help’ functionality for users. Centralized Database is used so that one version of the Data is maintained.
The Project is estimated to complete in about 6 months.

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