Thursday, January 31, 2013

advantages of integrating a chat and alerts module in a live web application

advantages of integrating a chat and alerts module in a live web application
Itech Solution has been designing many dynamic web application using java/j2ee technologies.

Itech solution has successfully developed a web application for many domains like health care , photo journal and it's planning to develop a web application for franchise management system very shortly. Itech solution has kept on trying to come up with new features in the web application for self satisfaction as well as to keep the client's happy with the new features.

Recently itech has come up with the new idea in their web application like sending alert and chat options in the web application. Based on the requirement from clients, itech give access permission to these features.

Alerts can be used to send messages to any users within a web application, alert can be received to the users and they can even reply to it using pre-defined alerts(Templates) or they can even create their own message in the provided options. In case, if the user is off-line they can see the alerts as a pop-up when they come on-line.

Chat option is available to all, based on the access permission given by the itech as per client requirement. It is like a public chat in the web applications. All users who are online can use chat as same as other web application like facebook and gtalk.

Advantage of providing alert and chat options in the web-application makes life easy for the users. They can interact with each other. It makes easy to get the solution in case of any problem they are facing in the application. Any expertise can guide them to get the solution and use web the application in the appropriate manner. 

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