Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Itech has designed and developed a Java-based dynamic portals for Doctors. This is very similar to the CMS based portals, advantage is that it is built on a generic technology. Dynamic portal sites come with a simple, easy to use Content Management System that requires NO knowledge of HTML or programming for you to be able to use it.

A portal is wherein content can be updated by the Admin user through the Control Panel, this is displayed on various respective additional pages. The Admin can login to the Control Panel by providing user-name and password. The content like dynamic text, images, videos are stored on the MySQL Database on the Itech Server. Doctors can upload Images, Videos and Text through the Admin page and the website users will be able to see the updated content in the User Interface.

One major advantage of this type of a CMS Portal is that the user can change the content on the website by himself and need not depend on the Designers for required updates. Itech is planning to offer many such off the shelf models for other Doctors who may need such Websites and Portals.

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